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Should a nurse can give tetanus toxoid fluid 0.5 ml to a patient independently?

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DzooBaby 14 Sep 2012

I'm not sure what you mean by this question but I'll attempt to answer the way I interpret. A nurse (RN, and most likely LPN) can give tetanus independently, without a Dr being present but you still need an order for it. Sometimes it can be a standing order but the best way to check is to speak with your State Board because each state can have different things that are allowed for standing orders and some states dont allow standing orders at all. In most of the states I have worked, a nurse can give the tetanus but as in all things, you still need a Drs order. If there is no order from the Dr, then no, you cannot give it. If your state allows standing orders and by this I mean, say you work at a Nursing Home or Assisted Living facility, and there are a set of standard standing orders that are initiated on each person coming into the facility, you are allowed to use those orders, using your nursing judgement of course, to do standard procedure types of things like TB testing or chest x-rays, or perhaps Tylenol or Milk of Magnesia-things that could typically be done on each and every patient-those things may be written as standing orders. If you are unsure, contact your State Board of Nursing. Does this answer your question?

kaismama 14 Sep 2012

In many places there are standing orders. This means that all patients who come in with a certain injury get a tetanus shot. This isn't independent, the order is always there. Of course a nurse practitioner could prescribe and give it.

DzooBaby 14 Sep 2012

Yes, I dint even think of an NP but yes, they are the only nurses who can diagnose and prescribe themselves but under a Drs supervision. The Dr doesnt have to be "in house" but an NP must be affiliated with a Dr.

DzooBaby 14 Sep 2012

I'm finding that more and more places are getting rid of those standing orders but they sure are convenient in nursing homes and AL facilites!! Unfortunately, too many nurses dont think and use nursing judgement correctly and it puts too many people at risk. We are more responsible for more and more too!! lol

kaismama 14 Sep 2012

There is something they aren't teaching the new nurses, to use their heads. I can't tell you how many younger nurses I've had to remind of things like, don't give the patient tylenol in between percocet doses. free discount card

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