I have been recently told by my neuro and my Ent specialist they can't see me anymore because of my fear of the tests. I have had numerous mri's, ct scans, blood test, hearing test, ekgs you name it and my panic has gotten so bad that the doctors don't understand I can't keep doing all these test. I go into a panic attack just going to the dr and have fear of what they might want me to do. I had labs done and went into a panic attack so bad I had to hold my arm down just so they could draw the blood. Now the closest specialist that will take my insurance is an hour away and I can't go that far my anxiety won't let me drive that far for fear of having a vertigo attack so now I have no specialist to help me. It's like they didn't care enough to understand my situation. I already have depression and have no one to take me or go with me so I'm stuck. Has anyone else had this happen to them?