I have been on the nueva ring for over a year. I was supposed to put it back on a wednesday. I put it in somewhere between 12-36 hours late, I can't remember the exact time i took it out but know when I put it in. My partner and I had sex with the nueva ring as the only form of protection the following sunday. Afterwards i remembered something my doctor had said about a 24 hour windo. And if you miss it needing to use another form of protection for the next 7 days, which it had not been. I took plan B less than 3 hours after having sex. Its been a week since and the last few days ive been having period like abdomonal cramps but no bleeding, slight nasea, and fatigue. i am however very stressed about this whole thing and feel i may be creating some of my.own problems but fear these are Early signs of pregnancy. What are the chances I could be pregnant, should I be worried, and what about these symptoms???