My doctor is ready to prescribe to me Nucynta which has a generic name but I couldn't find a generic brand; Tapentadol.
Does anyone know if there is a generic available?
Also I read an article saying that this is a good drug for people who have become sick by the Oxycontin OP now that there are no generics left to switch to.
Are there any questions that someone with RSD and has been opiate tolerate for 11 plus years should ask? I remained on the same dose of 40mgs of the old Oxycontin 3 a day for over 9yrs. I am highly allergic to Morphine, Fentanyl, Opana aka Oxymorphone.
Anyone that is taking this medication, I would like to know your own thoughts on it too. Does it work as well?
My doctor told me it has less effects on the stomach than Oxycontin did and I do trust her but would appreciate any help/advice that could be given to me.
I go to see my doctor tomorrow; Wed, Dec 1st.
Thank you all