Hey guys, I have a couple questions. I am currently taking Nucynta 75mg IR every 4 hours. I have seen some people take the ER (2x a day) and the IR every 4 hours/as needed. My pain has been horrible the past 4 days so I want to ask my doctor about adding the ER for more pain control. So, a few questions: What milligram of both the ER and IR are you on, and how often? Was that your original dose, or did you need an increase? And most important to me is how you FEEL on it, like can you feel when the ER starts working (because I can tell when my IR has kicked in), and what side effects do you get from it? (Did you notice increase of things like "euphoria", or increased mood/ get more headaches or experience nausea?) What I am taking now does help but not seemingly for long enough when I have horrible days (like lately), so I thought adding the ER would cover more for longer. Any info and personal experience you have would be much appreciated, thanks so much!!