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Can nubain make you test positive for cocaine?

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19 Jun 2012

Hello KellyW74. Yes it can. Best of wishes and health to you, pledge

bumblebee90 19 Jun 2012

Good Morning, my friend Pledge. Got a cuppa left for me? Hope you are having a good day. I'm going to dr. to see how the MRI turned out on my knee's. Yuk! Well you have a great one, and don't let the pup's get too hot! Like that would happen... they're spoiled to the bone. :) Bye, Ruthie

Lisa01 19 Jun 2012

Hello Ruthie and Pledge!
I'll vote for another cuppa, especially if I can talk you out of a danish along with! Ruthie, please let us know how your MRI returns out. I hope they'll be able to do something for you :)

bumblebee90 19 Jun 2012

Lisa, You are just the sweetest thing. I think we'll keep you around. :) I've just loved you from the moment you joined the site. I'll definately let you know. Have an awesome day, my friend. Big Hugs~Ruthie

Anonymous 19 Jun 2012

Hello Ladies. I was out and about the past few hours. The table is set with lots of fresh breads and pasteries, and yes, java joe :-0) Only good news allowed in regards to your knee. And Lisa, care for a bagel (topped with icing of your choice) Have a great afternoon Ruthie and Lisa (its hot as all get out here in Carolina) A/C running up a bill... ha!

Lisa01 19 Jun 2012

Oh Ruthie, thank you! Nobody at my house likes me today, so you really made me feel good!! :)

Lisa01 19 Jun 2012

Dear Pledge,
Just a little cream cheese if you don't mind! It's 91 here in KY so we'll keep that air cranked too!

Anonymous 20 Jun 2012

Hello Lisa. Sounds like you, Ruthie and myself are enjoying or living in a sauna. :-0) take care now

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