He Is in excruciating pain, from a car accident over 2 dozen yeas ago. He started out on just regular Percocet 5 mg, at the time they were the Dupont ones, that really workes, not like Percocet today, and slowly by slowly, it was Demoral, to Oxycontin 160mg 2x daily with some Vicodin as breakthrough, and that worked, but he was still in a lot of pain, but nowhere near as much as before he got the 160mg OC.All of a sudden his insurance got cut, and the Oxy 160 wasn't available in his plan, and it cost 859 $, Now This is a good man who works part time off the books, and collects Disability, He doesn't drink or gamble, he takes care of his family, and his job hardly pays out anything, he has 3 kids, so he is forced to go back living in the old excruciating pain he was in, taking Vicodin or Darvocet, basically anything he can get his hands on to give him some relief. He see's his Dr the Dr immediately can tell he's not bullshitting him, and gives him a shot of liquid Demorol or Morphine. And tells him since they don't really prescribe Demoral in the form of a pill anymore, he's gonna try him on Methadone, which my buddy quickly tries refusing because he thinks of Methadone as only a cure for junkies, which is not true, it's also a pain pill. So the DR writes him a pretty large script 40 mg 4x a day. There in the shape of Wafers, and they worked good for a long time, but he doesnt get the wafers anymore and since has gotten more surgery and is in even worse pain ,so they up the daily dose. But now he gets these horrific burps that literally smell like he is farting thru his mouth. This is not a joke. He is so ashamed and self conscience of this, that he carrys a little spray, because the smell is that bad. The Dr thinks that since all pain meds slow down your digestive system and clog you up, that gas is looking for anyway to escape ,and its not broken down yet to release gas so the body is pushing it out any way possible. He needs the medicine but can't stand the Burping and all the stomach medicine that comes with it.
So if anything remotely similair has happened to anyone I would just like to know. Or if you know of another Medicine like Methadone that is cheap, but works the same, I'd appreciate it, and he would love you. lol I feel for the guy.Thank you very Much.