I think it's RLS. It's more like restless lower body syndrome. I can't sit still in my chair. I feel like I have to keep moving around. And this never happens to me. About 3 hours ago I took 10 mg Flexeril. It minimized it for a short time, but it's back. What can I do, or take? I don't even know what's causing it? I'm starting to think it's coming from the Roxane Bupe I have to take. I'm not sure how many days it is since the Teva ran out. Maybe 4 or 5. This stuff is garbage. I almost think these are wds. But I've taken almost 12 mg in the past 6 hours.

What helps RLS? Other than Flexeril the only muscle relaxer I have is Baclofen. My Doc said I can't take Flexeril and Baclofen. Is that true? I don't really think he always knows what he's talking about.

Anyone have any ideas for me?