Hi my name is Sarah - my husband is a type 2 diabetic (his glucose levels are always high... very high) he was diagnosed at 18 and is now 31... Unfortunately, we have had a lot of financial difficulties and we have no health insurance... and haven't for several years. He used to go to a free clinic in Annapolis, Md to get his insulin and other meds - but since Obamacare started they closed. He has been without medication for over a year now. In the past, he was prescribed Metformin, Levimere and Novolog 70/30. We cannot afford the cost for insulin and explained this to a friend of ours whose wife is also diabetic (with GREAT insurance), she has a whole lot of extra Novolog (NOT 70/30, just Novolg flex pens) that she sent to us...
Can he take the Novolog? Of course we don't want his glucose levels to drop too far and are nervous about trying it. Can anyone tell me if it's safe for him to take not being 70/30. I read the differences on them but couldn't get an answer of whether if it can be used in place of the 70/30 & how much is comparable.
Please help if you have any info that would be beneficial ;-)
... thanks, in advance.