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I notice when I stress my leg it swellup but whn am in it goes down,wht cn I do to reduce d swellup?

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kaismama 7 Sep 2012

Do you have anything wrong with your leg? Is it both legs? Does it just swell or does it get red too? Elevating your legs can reduce swelling. Wearing support stockings can help. Have you seen a dr?

DzooBaby 8 Sep 2012

You need to start by seeing a Dr asap to make sure that you dont have something like a bloodclot going on. Keep it elevated and stay off it until you are evaluated. Be sure to tell the Drs office all of your symptoms along with the swelling like whether it pains you or if it is red or hot to the touch compared to your other leg. This is nothing to fool around with!! hopefully it is nothing more than poor circulation but you cannot be sure until a Dr evaluates it. whatever you do, DO NOT RUB THE LEG!!

Inactive 8 Sep 2012

I totally agee with the other answers. This is nothing to mess around with. You don't mention other health problems or medications you are on, but it could be high blood pressure which will go up when you are under stress. One of the symtoms is swelling of the legs especilly the ankles. Please contact your doctor ASAP... free discount card

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