because i feel no true difference in my condition. i suffer with major depression and i just feel so unmotivated and frustated by the whole situation. i feel like my family and friends just don't get it. they don't understand what depression is. they keep telling me to basically pick myself up like i can just snap out of it; do they think i just wanna be unhappy crying all the time even in public for no reason; they say how can you be unhappy you just woke up in the morning i try to explain depression doesn't say let me go away because it is morning. they don't understand it is a non stop feeling that consumes you and doesn't go right away. they asked me if depression was really mental illness like im making this up and taking meds for fun.they keep trying to say motivating things, don't live inthe past, enjoy your life etc or try to compare having the blues and feeling out of it some days to depression which is way different. depression is an extreme blues everyday i try to tell them but they just don't get and won't accept depression as a true mental illness