Hi everyone
Just wanted to let you all know, I'm as happy as a bedbug :) ... I've been looking high & low for something would help with the pain in my leg and foot from 5yrs of RSD/CRPS. Well, I think I've found it :D ... I've been due for a vacation for a while now... to make a long story short; I settled on Tobago, West Indies a small Island out in the Caribbean. I went for the month of April and I must tell you the first few days of jet lag etc pain levels were usual. After 4-5 days of lying in the sun & being 85 degrees of consistent heat, the pain was starting to feel better so much that I was able to cut back on my medication. Second week of being there my pain was at about a 2, never in the past 5 years has it been that low :) ... by this time I was walking every where, third week I was down to medication at night time only at that was because of the ceiling fan and air conditioning in my room. I actually was able to have rum punch ( a few ) ;) ... without having to worry about mixing my meds with alcohol. I was feeling fantastic, staying up late, partying with the locals and new friends I had met from other parts of the world. The last week I was there I noticed the pills in my many bottles had hardly been touched, miracle! not sure, but this I know ... the consistent temperatures of 85 degrees was the answer. Since I've come back, good old Ontario weather being as inconsistent as it is, 75 one day and 60 the next, in the summer, the pain came back, the pills in the bottles started to go down and now I'm back at my regular doses. We are now preparing to travel down there for the winter months, my husband saw the change in me when I came home and was delighted, the other thing that was strange, my period had vanished for the past 4 years, 4 days after I arrived in the Caribbean it re-appeared like it had never been gone in the first place. Coincidence, not sure, all's I know is that I felt 150% better down there.
Has anyone else had this experience before? ... I'd love to know whether the heat in tropical places affects your pain levels. If I told my Pain Specialist, I'm not sure he'd believe me, bless his heart he's a great Dr' but we all know they are trained to diagnose and prescribe :( ...
Love & Light everyone