i know i have to give it time but im still having lows especially right now. i can't stop the tears. i am in school and i can't focus on my work, i have no interest in doing anything i just feel very withdrawn. i go to school because i need a degree and everything that comes with that but it doesn't bring me any joy or satisfaction. i feel like im just doing it because it is was i have to do, what im supposed to do. there was a time when it was all i wanted to do but those days are long gone and all i do is what im required to do. i don't feel happiness joy pleasure just pain, mental anguish and physical pain interms of achiness.still don't have a major!!! i have no interest in my work just doing it and i know it is not my best cuz i don't really care about it. i just so withdrawn from things. im living but im not really living. i didn't see or want this for my life. im in a bind cuz i have work to do and it is hard to force myself to do it. it is a constant struggle to do it. i feel like what am i living for if there is nothing that interests, motivates, inspires, or bring me pleasure, other than the fact that life is a gift, and i love my family and friends. please respond soon