Mine seem to be all mechanical/positional, i.e.how I sleep or sit, lifting anything >8 to 10 lbs.; I've had to stop all weight-bearing exercises. I don't consider mine to be vascular. I tend to have 1-2 migraines/wk, each lasting 2-3 days. Pain scale: 4-7. I feel trigger points in rt scapular area that radiate to rt shoulder, up rt neck to that "ice-pick" feeling over rt eye. I've had epidurals, occipital blocks, trigger pt injections, acupuncture, series of intense massages, frequent use of theracane. I take Cambia and Fioricet together with pretty good results if I catch it in time. Just this past Christmas I started using those Miracle Balls that you place under your back while on the floor. I do this 20-30 minutes every night before bed to help loosen those muscles. Needless to say, I take Mg, Vit B2 and Propranolol. Can you guide me? I'm desperate.