I just started taking this medication and was wondering if anyone else uses it for diabetic neuropathy? I read all the posts and haven't seen anyone who is using it for this purpose... I HATE taking meds but am on opiants for headache pain and really would like to get off of them. This med was not prescribed for the headaches, they are VERY severe in nature and I have tried EVERYTHING to help with pain... Shots, narcotics, etc, etc... I am just hoping that this med will help with my severe neuropathy which keeps me from being able to sleep more than an hour or two at night. If it also helps with the headaches that would be great but I have kind of lost hope where those are concerned. I also have SYRINGOMYELIA if anyone knows what that is or has it, let me know... They say they THINK that may be causing my headaches but are not sure. Thank to anyone who can help me with this and good luck to anyone else who is suffering in pain, it really stinks, I have had to close my salon after 20 years, gave up my harley, (driving all together) my whole life has changed. I am also hoping that it may help me with the depression that I suffer with due to illness and life changes since, as well as quitting smoking! Thanks Again, Athena