Have had bad M.E. and severe, frequent migraines now for 22 years. For the past 5 years, I've had unbearable (and undiagnosed) neuropathic type pain from my butt to my feet, and also a bit in my wrists. It has turned my life from having to sit or lay most of the time, to having to lie down almost all the time, as it's too painful to sit. Even then, i am in terrible pain 24/7. Lying down so much has also resulted in much more body pain as well. My Dr thinks I have Chronic Pain Syndrome, and a rheumatologist diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. Feels like I am sitting on two swords, and my leg muscles feel like someone has taken a cheese grater to them! Am trying Amitriptyline again (had tried it 6 times over the past 22 years for migraines... unsuccessfully). It has reduced the frequently of my migraines from 2 x a 2-day migraine a week to one 2-day migraine every 4 -11 days, but is giving tons of horrible side effects Inc gaining a stone in weight. I got up to 60mg per day, but it still hasn't helped my pain, and feels like it's turned my Reactive Depression into full blown Clinical Depression. I did try Nortriptlyne a couple of years back, but then my back went into spasm for 2 months solid, and I thought it was the Nortriptlyne, so gave it up... although I had no proof. I am thinking of asking for a swap to Nortriptlyne. Does anyone recommend it over Amitriptyline for chronic pain and/or migraines? ( I know they are very similar drugs). Thanks