My daughter has recently been prescribed 10mg Nortriptyline for chronic migraines, similar to what the other users have described in this forum. Before she starts this medication though, I would like to hear from other users on if they experienced any antidepressant symptoms since this medication is also used to treat depression. I remember when I went on an antidepressant for about 6 months to treat situational depression. Although it was needed at the time, what I remember the most is how it detached my feelings from reality. My daughter and I are both the type of people who can cry at a good Hallmark commercial. The fact that I was incapable of emotion during those 6 months concerns me, in that I don't want to encourage her to take this medication without knowing ahead of time if most normal people do experience it as a side effect. Granted, years and years of pain from migraines is enough to depress anyone and therefore it may be a blessing to some of you. My daughter's migraines, however, have not resulted in any depression and she's a very fun loving, happy person that also is sad at the end of Old Yeller. For me, I would just like to know ahead of time if she should expect this type of reaction due to the chemicals used, so that I can tell her ahead of time and she doesn't feel like there is something wrong with her. I also understand that suicidal thoughts are a contraindication of this medication (though a common side effect in the first couple of weeks) and should be reported immediately to her provider. I'm just curious as to if people felt more detached from the world around them and less capable of registering emotions common in a particular situation.