I was taking Buproprion with tremendous success for my irritable bowel-D, but in the expense of once a week anxiety attacks. I could live with that. Then, they became every day and I said no way. I went off them and onto Nortriptyline. I was initially on Buproprion for some depression, but the huge side affect and my increased searching and knowledge of depression meds for my irritable bowel, I knew I had to stay on some drug for this. However, I started getting anxiety attacks again. And I can't take it before bed, because it keeps me up and makes me restless. My stomach is doing great, and my arthritis in my hands, I had no idea this drug was good for that. I am only 44, so this was great news. I can't deal with the anxiety, though. Is it just my body still cleaning out from the Buproprion-it has only been a week, or do I need to now get on something for my anxiety-again? This all is genetic, and my mom went on disability in her 40's. They know much more now, but I am in a great scientific job with great pay and thank God, flexibility, this is not going to happen to me. Any help appreciated.