The current version of this virus is a highly virulent strain from Australia. There is no vaccine or real treatment. It can be deadly for people with impaired immune systems, recovering from surgery or other physical trauma, the elderly and so forth.

I had the norovirus when recovering in a rehab facility (aka nursing home) where within three hours I went from vomiting to 104 temperature. I was still trying to walk from my polymyositis attack and was on eight liters of oxygen, so had no ability to help myself. Back to the hospital they barely kept me going. Here I am. The lesson is this moves fast, temperature can be too high so do not treat at home. I was packed in circulating ice pads and they never felt cool to me.

The virus can stay on surfaces for days and weeks. Deep cleaning has to take place. I received that virus from the rehab place and heard them say they had gotten rid of it a month ago. Wrong! The virus lasts at least that long on surfaces. Door knobs, shopping carts, etc.

Be aware. Wash hands frequently with soap and water, and be careful with fast food, groups of young people and stores. This is even nastier than the current flu hitting the nation.