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Is it normal for my tongue to split in the middle and hurt real bad from Tramadol? What can I do?

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Inactive 12 Sep 2013

Hi Incecat
Well, I do not think it is normal for any oral med to affect your tongue in this manner! Perhaps you should talk to your Doctor or pharmacist about this..I wish you well

Incecat 12 Sep 2013

Yikes. What else could it be?

kaw06 12 Sep 2013

It could also be dehydration, again, better call doc,. God bless

Incecat 12 Sep 2013

I do completely sweat out at least once a night. I'll have to drink more water and see if it helps. Thank you.

Delila 12 Sep 2013

Hi, Tramadol can cause dry mouth, it has been known to affect peoples teeth, weakening them and causing 'crumbling' & chipping. So it would make sense that it could also affect your tongue. The best thing i can suggest is to drink plenty of water during the day & suck lozenges...

angel1662 12 Sep 2013

hi Incecat
I agree with Delilia... I would drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and possibly suck on some sugar free hard candy to keep your mouth from being constantly dry..with that being said I still would would bring this to your doctor of health 2 u...

endlessPred 13 Sep 2013

Hi. I happen to have this problem as well. When I sleep I mouth breathe with supplemental oxygen causing constant drying of the mouth. During the day, same thing. Also, some of my medications can cause dehydration. drink lots of fresh water daily. Soft drinks, coffee, alcohol, etc. actually make you thirsty and needing more water. Second, be sure you are getting enough Vitamin D. Third, take a daily vitamin and three or four folic acid supplements. Your doctor is the best source for these levels you may need.

Incecat 13 Sep 2013

tramadol is for hip pain and I only took it for a few weeks. I had itching and sores all over so I thought the tongue thing was related. I gave up diet pop and my weak leg problems stopped. My hip though will need to be replaced. So, I get a new tongue in three days? That's great. It is getting better. Thanks for your help. free discount card

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