I am on birth control (microgestin 1.5/30) and have been on it for a year. I started my new pack on Sunday, May 24th. On May 30th I forgot to take a pill but I took it immediately upon waking up the next morning. Even though I read that I didn't need any form of back up BC or emergency contraception after missing only one pill I freaked out and got Plan B on June 1st. I continued taking my pills and didn't miss any more although I did take two about 2/3 hours late on other nights- I don't know how bad that can effect you. I took my last active pill June 13th and started my "period" week June 14th. I was still thinking about my missed pill and was freaking out again because I read that the hormone free week is the easiest to accidentally ovulate in especially if you missed pills and I had sex the weekend of the 13th/14th so I took another Plan B just to be safe because I knew some sperm got inside me. I usually get my period by Wednesday on my hormone free week and it is Wednesday and I am not experiencing any of my period symptoms. Is this just the Plan B delaying my period or should I be more concerned? That time that I forgot to take a pill I had sex and we use the pull out method along with my birth control but we had sex two times in one day so I'm sure some sperm got inside me.