I was prescribed 10 mg Paxil for anxiety 3 days ago. I took 20 mg the first day because my anxiety was really terrible and because I read that 20 mg is a normal start-up dose. I haven't taken any since.

Since taking that one dose, I've had nearly zero sex drive and my penis feels soft all the time. I forced myself to jerk off yesterday; it took a lot of stimulation and the orgasm was soft and weak. Also I had watery semen.

Normally I'm more horny than I can stand, able to jerk off 3-4 times a day and have rock-hard erections.

Is this a normal reaction and should I discontinue Paxil?

On the plus side, for today at least, my anxiety and depression are 100 per cent gone. I feel very calm and normal.

It's been suggested to me that I'm experiencing nocebo effects, but I don't see how not being able to get my dingdong up or having watery semen can be in my head.