My last period ended nov.28th 2015, on the 29th my boyfriend and I had protected sex. However during that session there was a moment we didn't use a condom, my bf pulled out & didnt cum. Just to be on the safe side& because I was paranoid I took a plan b pill on the 30th. Then on dec. 5th, I began bleeding ( I know it was a side effect of the pill) it only lasted 4 days ending on the 8th. Then on dec.11, my bf & I were intimate again, with the same situation happening again. Protection the majority of the session with a quick moment of no protection. Again he didn't cum, seeing how it was only literally for a second. Since then I haven't had my period, I believe it will come its usual time being the end of the month? But I just want to know do I have anything to worry about or am I just highly paranoid??? P.s. I have had not one pregnancy symptom, I just believe I'm stressing myself out which can also be a reason why my period is late.