Hi, so I started birth control in Nov. Triphasil to be exact. I had bouts of acne and terrible menstrual pains, but otherwise everything was fine till Dec. I was travelling and I forgot to take my active pill, I took it as soon as I remember which was the next day. And my period started the following day. I thought it will eventually balance and correct itself. This was on the 22nd Dec. My pack had finished on the 31st and I decided that I'm really not happy with this birth control, because of the acne and the cysts. And I changed immediately. I went straight into Diane-35 active pills. My period got heavier and I noticed I started getting fresh blood. it's the 6th of January and I don't know what I should do. Should I wait it out and will it correct itself?
I've noticed the period I had was mostly clotting, not an actual flow. I started work recently, and because of my caffeine intake, it's become a flow.