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Is it normal to have a orange period ?

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kaismama 25 Nov 2013

Orange as in pumpkin color? I have never heard of this for any reason. Do you have any symptoms at all, like pain or orange urine or anything like that. I have seen dark red almost black, pink, brown, red brown, but never orange.

Keisha93 25 Nov 2013

That makes two of us yes it was orange I never seen it before I have no symptoms today it's red orange idk wat to do

TinaB22 25 Nov 2013

I would go see a doctor because no that is not normal.

Keisha93 26 Nov 2013

Thank u

DzooBaby 26 Nov 2013

If it is rusty, orange/red colored it could be old blood but it is certainly unusual and you should probably contact your Dr.

Keisha93 26 Nov 2013

Thank u today it's red so I'm lost free discount card

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