I am on my second month of being on Nuvaring after having been on depo provera for 4 years. My first month was completely normal, I kept the Nuvaring in for 3 weeks (during which time I had unprotected sex), took it out for a week and got my period the day after taking out the ring (which was actually surprising because Ive heard it takes a while to get your period back after being on depo for a while). I put the new one in on time, kept it in for 3 weeks (did not have unprotected sex at all until the night before I had to take my 2nd ring out), and then took the 2nd ring out on time. It has been 3 days with the ring out and I have had cramps but no bleeding. Is this normal or is it possible Im pregnant? Ive been using the Nuvaring as prescribed, 3 weeks in, one week out and the ring was kept in a refrigerator so it didn't get hot and become ineffective . And this last time I only had unprotected sex once the night before my I took my ring out. Someone please tell me that this is normal and Im probably not pregnant,