Hi, I just got the birth control implant the 14th of October. I didn't get it put in during my period, I think my period started on the 7-8th of October. When I got it she told me I'd likely experience some irregular bleeding, which I never did experience. She also told me not to have unprotected sex for 2 weeks and also had a checkup on the 28th, two weeks after. She told me it was looking fine. I had sex for the first time after getting the implant on the 30th. I was supposed to get my period on the 4-5th of November and I haven't gotten it yet. I know she told me that my periods would likely get lighter and maybe stop altogether but I feel like it's too soon for them to stop completely? I was experiencing some cramping around the time that I was supposed to get my period but nothing came. Should I go talk to my doctor about this or is this normal? No risk of pregnancy, right?