I used to have regular periods before starting the pill. My cycle was about 25 days with 4-6 days of bleeding. Natazia gives me much lighter and shorter periods (if I get one at all). I started Natazia 3 years ago in May 2013, was on it for a year, stopped for three weeks before starting a new pack, then started again and have been on it consistently since July 2014. I am very consistent in taking the pill. I take it at roughly the same time every night and have never missed a pill by more than maybe 3 or 4 hours (but that rarely happens). The second time I started the pack I started it on a Sunday instead of a Thursday (I'm not sure if that makes a difference) and I didn't get my period again for about 5 months. After the third month of no bleeding at all I began to worry so I took three pregnancy tests in two weeks and they were all negative. When I went to the gynecologist and told her this after finally getting my period, she was not concerned about it and said this wasn't alarming because there are only two placebo pills in this pack. The reason I worried is because the instructions and info in the Natazia pack make it seem like you shouldn't miss more than two pills in a row or you could be pregnant. After that first time missing my period for five months I started getting it one month-yes, the next two months-no. Is it normal to barely get a period while on Natazia? The first time I was on it I at least had some bleeding every other month. This second time it has been so erratic.the last time I had some period bleeding was in early/mid March 2016. It is now early June and I am on the white pills but the only bleeding I noticed was a tiny bit when I wiped yesterday and today, but none on the pad. It seems unusually light this month considering I haven't gotten it in a couple of months. Is this normal. I have been under a lot of stress lately and have had a lot more anxiety in recent months. I read anxiety could affect your period and cycle. I would appreciate any information anyone can offer about their experience on Natazia. Thank you!