I've been on the pill for about two months (Microgestin 1/20). I've been taking every single one of my pills at the same time everyday (give or take 10 minutes). Last month, I got my period for 3 days starting on the Tuesday (the third day) of the placebo pill week. Now, I'm on my sixth day of the placebo pill pack for this month and still haven't got my period yet and I don't see any signs of it coming. However, this week I did get some cramping and thought my period was coming because on Tuesday (the third day) I did get very very light brownish discharge and I thought this would be followed by some actual bleeding like last month, but I got no actual bleeding. I thought this was a sign my period was coming but I never got it. So now I'm on my sixth day and still haven't got it. Should I be worried? Could I be pregnant or is this normal to miss a period?