My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex in July, as I miss counted my cycle... I know... I need to be more careful! anyways, so I took plan B just to be on the safe side, and I got my period within a couple days, It was about 2 weeks or just under, early from my normal cycle. In august I got my period 2 weeks early again, getting it the 2nd of Aug(two-three weeks after my last one). In September I got my period again on the 4th, I noticed it wasn't like my normal period, it seemed lighter and weird... So now it is October 10th and my period is about 8 days late. I've taken two pregnancy tests and they both came up negative. I have also recently started exercising more and I am at a new school living away from home. I've had on and off cramping the last 4 days... whats wrong with me???