So, since a miscarriage I've taken birth control pills. I took the brand for a year and before my wedding the doctor switched me to viorele. During that switch I thought I'd miss a period but didn't. Then at the beginning of the year insurance changed and I was unable to pick up my pills until I got insurance so I got my period twice, a week after each other toward the end of January, so we didnt have sex for nearly a month before I finally got my pills. Then near the beginning of February I got the pills but they filled it as Azurette. After a few days into the pills we decided I should be safe. Now I've missed my period and experiencing some concerning symptoms that could be associated with pregnancy. I'm 2 days after taking all the inactive pills and have started the new pack. So, is it normal that I should miss a period this time though I didn't miss with the first pill change?
Sorry for the long post. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.