I normally go to the gyno for 3 month Rx for Nuva Ring. I have been using Nuva Ring for about 2-3 years and I decided to give myself a "drug holiday" because im worried that in the future some how my body wouldn't allow me to have kids from hormones and my body not ovulate for so many years (5) but I dont plan to have children any time soon. I may be wrong and it doesnt work that way? I took my 3rd ring left it in for 21 days, and had that months period. I never replaced it. I have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend so I dnt know whether my body is off track or pregnant? I did take 2 HPT, the first week after my missed date and it was negative. The second week I didn't get my MC, I took another just to be sure. And that was negative. I went to the gynecologist to take another test as well just to be 3x as sure (going back to not having kids yet) but I had unprotected sex the day before so she said that I could have ovulated that day and gotten pregnant so it too early to tell. Im going back on the nuva ring because im just too scared. Im still waiting to put it back but I still haven't got my MC. Help me!!
Ps. I have no signs or symptoms of pregnancy but then again? Maybe still to early to tell?