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Is it normal to still feel pain after u use lidocaine?

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Mackintosh 18 May 2015

It certainly does happen! Myself and 2 of my immediate family members have somewhat of a resistance to Lidocane (particularly during clinical procedures) and we usually have to be given 2x-3x the 'average' amount. In my case, this seems to be a genetic issue. Perhaps you could ask your family if they know of this running in the family?
Sometimes when you're dealing with a local operation that's infected or extremely painful to begin with, the lidocaine doesn't take like it should.
What form of lidocaine did you use, and for what reason?

Kawasakizx14 18 May 2015

Not all areas of the body respond to Lidocane very well, especially your extremities and areas with high nerve activity. For instance, when getting a ingrown toenail removed sometimes the numbing process is more painful than just having it cut out. I have had one ingrown toenail removed by a doctor and since then I just have my wife break out the specialty tools and cut it out without any numbing. Sometimes I just remove them myself.

The nerve blocks do not work for everybody, and I would rather yank out my own toenails before allowing another doctor to shove needles under my toenails like bamboo shoots again and then inflate the toe like a balloon with fluid until it is weeping. free discount card

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