I started Prozac 10 mg 10 days ago along with .25-.50 mg klonopin as needed. I had been on lexapro for almost 12 years then because I felt it just wasn't doing anything for me, brilliantly went off it (under a Drs care). I felt great for a month and a half then all the anxiety and obsessive thoughts came full force. So my pdoc started me on fluoxetine. It's weird I didn't really feel anxious until the 7th day, exactly a week. I got hot flashes, head felt weird, and had all this inner energy that scared me into a panic attack! Then I had a pretty good day, then today I was anxious as soon as I woke up. I tried to ignore it but after awhile it was too much to bear so I took an extra klonopin. I want to give the medicine time to work but what if this is a bad reaction? I'm so sensitive to meds which is why I stayed on the lexapro so long. Please tell me this is going to get better!