So my friend Tabbatha asked me a medical question that I did not know the answer to. So I told her to post the question on here. She did not know what this site was so I told her we would do it under my account so she could see how it worked and that it was a friendly place to ask questions before she created her account. Her question is, is it normal that she has dry skin in the vaginal area close to the vaginal hole. She did say she shaves so I thought maybe that was why but she said she has for awhile and never had this problem before. She's concerned and wants to know what should she do. Do you think it is dry skin or possibly something else. Should she be worried and see her doctor or should she try lotion. I suggested maybe trying dove bar soap because I have eczema and it keeps my skin moisturized so I thought maybe that would help more then lotion and I also suggested if she does use lotion to use a unscented or fragrance free lotion due to the sensitive area. what are your thoughts or advice please response she has more questions and I think she should make an account. you guys have really helped me a lot and I think you can help her too.