... 70mg. I was on 60mg for a month.Yesterday I was fine, but today, I couldnt stop calling people. I had focus, but just felt liek calling everybody, my blood pressure rose to. then around 5pm, aout 10 hours Ive taken this medicatin, I started to feel a little confussed, hungry, heat temp etc. I checke dmy blood pressure atnd it dropped to 12/89, it was at 150/100 2 hours ago. now I feel fine, and i was fine all day yesterday and thi smorning on this dose. was it maybe becuase I didnt eat anything? or is this dose to strong? I dont want t end up in a comma or not sure if I should take it again tomorrow. I feel fine now. So do you think, my body was in over drive and it just sudated? but why would 70 mg a 10mg difference do this on the seond day at the last hour of 10 hours?