Around november 20th I had a D&C procedure to remove twin fetuses. I bled for a week or so after that but it wasn't very much. On my checkup after the procedure I had nexplanon Iinserted into my dominant right arm because I have a tattoo on my left and didn't want to ruin it with a scar. I've been bleeding non stop since the insertion. Sometimes it lightens to almost nothing or I'll even have regular clear discharge but then I'll experience cramps again and start with fresh blood a few hours later. The next day I'm back to a dark brown "old" kind of blood and discharge. In the last two days (January 27th-28th) its begun to feel sore at the sight and hurts to lift my arm. I just got done taking estrogen pills for ten days to attempt to stop the bleeding. I only have my post partum insurance through the end of February. Is this normal and should I give it more time or do I need to consider taking it out and hopefully trying something else? PLEASE HELP ME IM SO TIRED OF THIS CONSTANT PERIOD