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Is it normal to bleed 30 days,& continueing, after taking depo shots for a year, and no menstrual ?

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LousArk 17 Sep 2015

You do not have periods on Depo. A period is flushing out the lining of your womb, including an unfertilised egg.
You do not produce an egg when on Depo. What you are experiencing is break-through hormonal bleeding. This can last until you have your 3rd Depo shot. By then, it usually has stopped altogether.

Sometimes, after being on Depo for a little while, we can start to experience this breakthrough bleeding, especially close to when our next shot is due, & after intercourse, but it can just be a nuisance & happen at any point. This can be resolved by having your next couple of shots at 8-9 week intervals, rather than the normal 11-12 weeks. This tends to stop the bleeding, & you can go back to having your shots at the normal intervals again.

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