Okay so just about 2 months ago i had sex with my bf with a spermicide condom that ended up breaking. He never ejaculated in me and noticed it had broken right away. I was still nervous about pre-c so i took the Plan B 22 hours later. Everything was normal for a few days then sore breasts and headaches came with also some spotting for 2 days. my period ended up being about 2 weeks late and took negative pregnancy tests but i was relieved when i got a normal period as usual. I am waiting for my second period but a few days before one week until my period, I had diarrhea and was throwing up throughout the day. I felt this way throughout the day and night. although this made me worry about the pregnant stuff, but it just felt like a stomach bug. I am now one week away from my second period today and getting PMS symptoms. But they are different this time. as usual, I'm having breast pains and stomach pains. But the stomach pains are more often then usual, it's just uncomfortable. I'm also having some short breaths which freaks me out because all this seems like pregnancy symptoms. I haven't gained any weight and nothing on my body looks different I'm just pretty freaked out. i haven't had time to get pregnancy tests and I'm still nervous to. But I'm asking if this is normal for some people. i know hormonal unbalance can go on for a few months it's just these symptoms are driving me crazy! My period is supposed to start in a week and I'm just now getting hopefully PMS symptoms like usual. I cannot go to the doctor... I have read experiences just like mine but i never know. But please try to stay positive and please try calm me down as much as possible, it's much needed thank you!