I have been on birthcontrol about 7 years, about 4 months ago the pharmacy gave me the a different brand than i normally use and told me it was because they were out of My normal brand and this brand was exactly the same. Well it was not the same i became sick and my period was extremely heavy that month, the following month when i returned and complained they told me they were not sure when they would be getting my brand in again and to call my doctor (i no longer go there they are horrible) after going back and forth between my doc and 3 pharmacys it took over 3 weeks to get my normal pills back (which are gianvi) Therefore i had to start a fresh cycle when i finally got them. I took the first pill the day i got my period and I take them the same exact time everysingle day including all sugar pills. On the last active day of my first month back on i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend 2 times and he accidentally didnt pull out quick enough the second time, i was concerned because my doc told me to let it build back up in my system for a full month before having unprotected sex and i wasnt sure if that ment after the months period or once i was done with the active pills so stupidly i let him talk me into plan B which after some research i now know wAs the worst thing i could have done. None the less that was a month ago and i am on the sugar pills of my second month and still no period, now im getting nervous, is it common to be this late after all those hormones or am i in danger of pregnancy here? Im trying not to panic because i know the stress can prolong the period but im very concerned at this point, can someone clarify this for me pleasee