I have been experiencing severe diarhea since I started taking these pills, and now the dizziness and near passing out has started. I was told to start the pills first sunday after my cycle started, and I did. I have taken them everyday. My tubes are tied and my doctor wants me to take these to reduce my PMS symptoms and get my cycle back under more control. I am having cramps, lower back pain, migraines, soreness in my breasts, moodiness. All the things this was supposed to help with are now coming just 2 weeks after starting these pills. I normally have pain during ovulation, but this is more like period pains. I had told my doctor that I couldn't take birth control pills because the last time I did, i had these dizziness near passing out spells. I am over 35 and I smoke. I am also diabetic and hypothyroid. Since my symptoms have worsened, I began reading more on side effects. I have no idea how my doctor could prescribe this knowing my medical history. Should I call and tell her I quit taking them? Do I need to be seen by a doctor?