I have suffered from migraines for over 20 years. A few weeks ago I stopped taking the combined estrogen pill as it made migraines worse. Neurologist and ob/gyn thought progesterone- only might be the way to go. However, after 3 weeks and like clockwork- I started my period- and had horrendous migraine with vomiting, just as I did with the combo pill. I only made it through 2 months of the other pill, and I was wondering if any other migraneurs out there had any luck using this method after 2 months. I have experienced hives on neck, acne on forehead, severe breast tenderness as well. Just curious if any users found this type of treatment helpful for migraine prevention. I know my main trigger is hormone related. Neuro suggested Lupron if this method does not work, but that is another question! Thanks for your input!