I've been on a combo pill that worked fine for me for 5 years. My insurance changed so I had to go through Planned Parenthood to get my newest prescription. Since my blood pressure reading was a bit high, they said they couldn't put me on a combo pill so gave me Heather. But now I'm reading that one of the side effects is high blood pressure! So why would they put me on it when I already have high blood pressure?!
Also, I didn't realize until I opened the first pack that there is no placebo week... I was so used to having my period exactly on time when I was on the combo pill. Not to mention I could skip the placebo week if I wanted to skip my period. Now I am half way through the fourth week on the Heather and I have yet to start my period. With my schedule I need to have a regular period, so if this is normal on this pill it is not going to work for me. The more I read online about Heather the more I am thinking it is not a good choice for me. I am getting concerned and am curious what others think of Heather or comparable progestin only pills.