First of all, I would like to tell in detail the whole story.

It was May 2 and my bf and I had intercourse (withdrawal method). It was a week after my menstruation so we felt that i was safe (I have irregular period). I've been using pregnancy tests the past few days/weeks and all turned out to be negative.

Then last May 21 & 22, my bf and I had intercourse again, but this time we used condoms. (but before really using the condoms, we decided to have a few penetration without protection.. after feeling well lubricated, we'd use the condom til we finish the deed). I was really worried because i might already be ovulating during that time.

Today is May 25, I took ECP (nordette following the 4 pills-1st dose (4:52PM) and 4 pills after 12 hours 2nd dose (4:52 AM May 26) ).

My question is, is the ECP still going to work and what are the possibilities that I'd be pregnant? My bf and I are still saving for our future and we're still not ready to have a baby. Help me please.

THank you very much