Hello Doctor. Me and my GF was having unprotected sex on March 13, 2014 at 3:00 P.M. We only had not more than 5 minutes sex (the 1st and 2nd insertion). 1st I did not wet inside her but I wet outside (far from her vagina). So after I wet outside I wiped my penis with tissue (wet with water) and wiped it second time with dry tissue. But I noticed (before I insert my penis in her vagina) there is a precum. So I wiped it with a dry clean blanket. I jerked my penis to see if there are more precum, and then none. After that we had our 2nd time but this time I did not wet inside nor outside so basically I did not wet at all. But my fears for precum are bothering me. Her last period was on March 1-5, 2014. So we decided to buy her an ECP, but it is banned in our country. So I searched on the internet and many people recommend Nordette as an ECP, so I bought it. So after that my GF, was taking her first pill at 3:00 P.M March 14, 2014. Second dose of Nordette (white) at 3:00 A.M March 14, 2014. I assume she will have her menstruation after 5-7 weeks after taking the Nordette right? She has no allergies (She has an allergy but only beef) or chronic diseases or whatever. Basically, she is perfectly healthy. After 4 hours she wants to vomit but she can't. But instead of vomiting she coughed and had a little blood. And I asked her if she feels pain in her abdominal and she said yes but it's just a bit. And when I ask her to stand and walk if she feels dizzy, she said a bit. But may I mention that before taking the second dose we were quite swimming last night for 1+ hours or so at 6:00 P.M on March 14, 2014. She wants to rest because she feels tired (maybe after swimming and restlessness for waiting for the second dose on 3:00 A.M, earlier today, March 15, 2014) but she can't because if she will lie down she feels like she wants to vomit. Help please..