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Why does Norco not recommend using a stool softener such as Colace with their product?

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MacIntosh12 4 Jul 2013

Not everyone that is prescribed Norco will experience constipation.

allie95 4 Jul 2013

On this website under the heading, " how should I take Norco", it states "do not take a stool softener without first asking your doctor."

MacIntosh12 5 Jul 2013

I believe it states not to take a stool softener because of the acetaminophen in Norco and how it affects the liver, as do any laxatives or stool softeners, but call your doc to ask if you can take something, or call your pharmacist.
Best to you,

kaismama 4 Jul 2013

Also that is what docs and pharmacists are for.

PurpleButterfies 4 Jul 2013

Dear allie95, I personally do not know why norco does not recommend using a stool softener with their product, I am assuming that there is a possibility of interaction. I don't think that the fact that not everyone experiences constipation with the use of norco is relevant to your question either. But since it seems no one here has been able to answer your question directly, it would be best to consult a doc as the page you were referencing suggested. I hope you get the information you are looking for. Best wishes ~anjeegyrl :)

allie95 5 Jul 2013

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