Have been on 20-30 mg pain meds per day for 10 years cronic lower back issue.
Also on 1-1.5 mg xanax per day for Gen Anxiety disorder-No depression issues. Also 5-10 mg Valium for Muscle relaxer. (Soma sent me to rehab, bad drug for me. I quit drinking /smoking 15 yrs ago and Soma mimicks effects of alchohol FYI) No issues with any other prescriptions.

Recently( 3 months ago) injured already bad neck from my sport. Went up to 60-80 MG Pain Med, 2-3 MG xanax, and 15-20MG valium per day to function. Basically double.

Had 1 level Disectomy and fusion with Titanium plate and removal of several bone spurs, etc. 3 weeks ago. Recently the anxiety/short anger bursts/mood swings have been getting increasingly worse, approx 2 weeks after surgery. Immediate sublingual xanax works fast and well.

Any experiences shared and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!