I am 35 year old female on day 3 of no norco/Hydrodocone I began taking it in May of 2011 after open heart surgery. I quit cold turkey after 2 weeks and didn't realize I was having symptoms. I then began taking the occasional pill for tooth pain. It was in september that I began getting a higher dose, when I began the horrible treatment for an STD... so once a month since then I have been having treatments. At first I would only take the pills when needed, and then I realized I liked the high. Now that it finally dawned on me I was an addict, I knew I had to do something. I recently got the flu, and was already sicker than a dog so I figured it was my chance. So, I seem to have stopped being sick to my stomach but the anxious feeling RLS is about to drive me nuts!! I'm going to go buy some bananas tomorrow, and Valerian root. I do take xanax every nite because I take Prozac during the day and it make me unable to sleep at nite. I also have to take heart meds, and Iron supplements for anemia. I guess I'm just looking for some support, because I'm afraid I will once again need treatment for my condition, and getting thru that with no norco wil suck! Thanks for listening..