As of yesterday I'm now taking 900 mg of Gabapentin 3 times a day for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I was also taking 750 mg Nabumetone twice a day for pain from OA (which is in the thumb on the same hand and other parts of my body).
I was told I can't take Nabumetone 7 days prior to the Carpal Tunnel and Trigger Finger surgery which is scheduled for Feb 13. But I want to be prepared to move up if there is a cancellation so I went off the Nabumetone on Thursday. Which left me in so much pain from the OA that I had problems concentrating at work. So I emailed my GP and he prescribed Norco 5/325 every 6 hours as needed until the surgery. I took one at 8:39 last night and it made me so sleepy that I feel into bed at 10:30. I called a pharmacist today who said I can slice the tablets in half or quarters.
Wondering if I'm doing the right thing taking the Norco because someone told me that this is what they prescribe after the surgery it might not work as well if I had been taking it before hand.