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Norco and meth and alcohol side effects?

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beanmarie 4 Sep 2010

hi moledog, This is not something I would recommend; not only the combination of these three things, but none of them alone is a good idea either. A prescription for pain if needed, yes. A drink or two now and then, fine. Meth, not a good idea at any stage, but one I know can be fun. However, you asked a direct question and deserve a direct answer, of which I will give you two. First; yes this can be a deadly combination if abused. I don't know the level at which it becomes toxic, but it won't take too much, of that I can tell you. I saw someone go into shock after taking three Norcos, three glasses of alchohol, and smoking a pipe of meth with a friend, so yes, it can be deadly; that young man died. However, in all honesty, I know a few people who have not gone into any type of overdose or reaction. They seem to float along fine. I guess it's a matter of Russian Roulette. Is this the one that's going to kill me? Nah, it won't, so I'll go ahead and do it. From what I've seen, a lot of the time, it does work, and sometimes it doesn't. I guess the question would be "Do you like to play Russion Roulette?" Go to your local cemetary and look and see how many young people are there, and then ask yourself, "how many of these young people died as a result of playing Russion Roulette with their lives?" Actually, it is no longer just a young person's problem, so if you are young, don't feel alone; there are plenty of middle aged and even "old timers" that are still using today, even though they are paying the price now (bad health problems, severe dental problems, bad emotional problems). They are suffering through having done one drug (or mixing several) for a long time and now are paying the price, some with their lives. I wish there was some way for me to reach out to you, to say, Oh my God, don't do that. The price to pay is too high tomorrow, for this kind of fun today. I hope I was of some help, but I am not sorry for the things I just said to you. To be alive, healthy, and vibrant is easy when you're young, but to have all that "fun" now without taking into account your tomorrows? You will pay a very heavy price when tomorrow and you meet up, believe me. So be careful. It can definitely harm you to mix the three drugs. I just don't know at what point your actual life would be in danger. Russion Roulette is a very dangerous game to play. God bless you and keep you safe... I am beanmarie

Inactive 5 Sep 2010

I do agree with miss beanmarie i also think a futher treatment might keep you away from the meth and alcohol. Maybe some pain management where they can monitor your pain and give you some around the clock opiates instead of short term.

beanmarie 5 Sep 2010

Good call mrspage2. An intervention of some kind seems to be in order. We can only hope this was just a question and not something this person is contemplating. free discount card

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